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In Conjunction with eLearning Africa, International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Donor for greater impact

Becoming an Organisational Donor

Partnering with the eLearning Africa Supporting Transformation can be a rewarding experience as we are able to provide your organisation with unique exposure and networking opportunities through the annual eLearning Africa Conference - helping us both to achieve our goals more effectively. We are particularly interested in long term partnerships, as a means of working together to ensure the most effective outcomes for programme participants and your organisation.

Key Benefits of donating to the eLearning Africa
Supporting Transformation programmes:*

  • Your organisation's logo and advertisement will be placed on key conference materials and publications.
  • Your organisation's logo and a link to your organisation's website will be included on the eLearning Africa website.
  • A press release of your organisation's donation will be circulated to our extensive international media database.
  • A short story of your organisation in the form of an article or an interview will be included in our newsletter, circulated to over 100,000 targeted addresses worldwide.
  • Further benefits such as exhibition space, brochure distribution, high-level networking opportunities and meetings can be arranged and are dependent on the level of contribution.

* The stated benefits vary depending on the extent of your organisation's contribution.

Three ways of donating to the eLearning Africa Supporting Transformation programme:

General Contribution

A general contribution to the trust will be equally distributed to all of programmes.

Direct Contribution

A direct contribution that entails supporting a programme that is of particular interest to your organisation. We are also open to potential candidates to receive support suggested by your organisation.

Contribution in Kind

A contribution in kind, in the form of services or goods that may be of value to the candidates of the programme (i.e. airfares, laptop computers, further financial support).


Words from a supporter of EAST 2015

Robin Russell, CEO for Sports Path and supporter of the EAST Programme in 2015 explains why he thinks it's important to support ICT in education and how Sports Path provides eLearning methods for soccer coaches and players around the world.

Why do you think is it important to support ICT in education and training?
All the best educators we have come across in our lives were able to take advantage of the current audio/visual support. ICT, online support and eLearning are the latest in this line of tools available to educators.

Why do you think other organisations and individuals should support eLearning Africa Supporting Transformation (EAST) specifically?
eLearning can provide individualised cost-effective convenient education which can easily be embedded into learning on the job.

You use the web to support soccer players and coaches; what are some of the ways in which you do this?
We have had over 2,000 coaches in 60 countries enrol on our three online courses which are recognized by many Football Associations and launched the annual 'Sports Path Awards' with a $1,000 first prize for the youth soccer clubs provides the best online educational service for its coaches. We also provide free syndicated content to soccer organisations, schools and universities as well as publish a Soccer eLearning Blog.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
Feedback from satisfied learners!


Past Donors We would like to thank the following donors who have supported African participation at past eLearning Africa conferences:

CTA Afrika Rise betterplace.org ECOWAS DAAD.org nhc nam WAR child Holland

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