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In Conjunction with eLearning Africa, International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Supporting our work

The eLearning Africa Trust

EAST is a non-profit organisation that aims to make a lasting positive impact on education in Africa. We do so by investing in Africa's educators, practitioners and research communities and leveraging the potential that Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) can offer.

One of the main efforts of the trust is to support people without the financial means to attend eLearning Africa. The annual eLearning Africa conference provides a pan-African network for professionals in the field of technology-supported learning and a platform for people who want to develop future forms of education in Africa.

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Quotations from participants

“The Conference is very good for the African Continent as it brings to the knowledge of natives the available technology that can improve their lives and has been tried and tested and proved right somewhere within Africa.
Charles Fodya

“The conference organization was fantastic and the opportunity to network among professional colleagues also existed as based on the conference facility delegates like me at the close of each day, had opportunities to discuss with other colleagues within the conference facility without necessarily needing to leave the venue.
Poncelet O. Ileleji

“This conference is a very useful and inspiring one for academics, researchers, development workers and IT practitioners.”
Felix Kayode Olakulehin

How Does Your Money Help?

100% of the tax deductible contribution made by you goes towards supporting those who are least likely to be able to participate but most likely to gain from this valuable conference. With the help of our vast network of partners, we select the most deserving participants based on the relevance of their work, their ability to impact their community and their financial status. The funding cover basic accommodation, per diem allowances, visa costs, local transportation and, in some cases, the travel costs of African delegates who cannot afford to attend, but whose attendance would greatly benefit their communities.



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