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In Conjunction with eLearning Africa, International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
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Becoming an Individual Donor

Show your commitment to sustainable long-term educational development by making a contribution to EAST. With your support we can enable low-income grassroots ICT changemakers to participate at eLearning Africa. Their participation at Africa's premiere eLearning event helps to ensure that practical challenges and solutions are given the voice they deserve.


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Key Benefits as an Individual

  • Be the one who enables a person with limited financial means to participate on eLearning Africa
  • If you wish, your name will be published in the list of individual donors on our website
  • You receive a confirmation receipt of your donation


Donate as an organisation



Comments from Past Participants

"[eLearning Africa] was a great learning experience for me to challenge my thinking and at the same time discover new tools to improve my work. Best practices have already been transferred. In fact, my colleagues at work and I will be visiting one of the universities that shared experiences of how they had successfully implemented courses that were taught completely online."
Sarah Kiden, Ugandan Christian Univesity, Uganda
EAST scholarship recipient, 2013

“Very good conference and was able to meet many great people who influenced my thinking profoundly in many different ways. Thank you very much to everyone involved and to the hardworking organisers/those who made it possible.
Gregory George Smith

“Africa is very lucky to have people and organizations worldwide who believe on it and act daily for its integration in the world economy, like ICWE GmbH, CTA and others, with great and deep respect for its integrity and its characteristics, which are the strength it will bring the world of tomorrow.
Gaston Donnat Bappa

“The 6th International Conference on Communication Technologies for Development, Education and Training (eLearning Africa 2011 Conference) held in Dar es Slaam, Tanzania; was an event which brought together hundreds of experts to share best practices in order to upscale the implementation of eLearning across the African Continent using real life best practices and enabled local and international professionals and stakeholders to benchmark, learn and network, thus strengthening the Continent’s many and varied innovative educational and production technology projects.
Darlington Kahilu

“I was able to enjoy the conference, learn from it, enrich others and the conference was a memorable event.
Michael A. Oke

“The conference exhibitions were rich and highly informative and participants were introduced to new of thinking as regards ICTs, in Education and Development.
Felix Kayode Olakulehin

Past Donors We would like to thank the following donors who have supported African participation at past eLearning Africa conferences:


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