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In Conjunction with eLearning Africa, International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Programmes that Enable African Participation


The Entrepreneurship Programme

The aim of this programme is for innovative entrepreneurs to get acquainted with how ICT can support their own entrepreneurship. This will also be an opportunity for networking and sharing knowledge and skills with each other. The goal for this group is to locate ten things gained from the conference that can help them in their entrepreneurship.

Any entrepreneur already using ICT or aspire to use ICT in their businesses and active in any kind of industrial sector. Especially those engaged in social and sustainable entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply. African nationals from all over the African continent are welcome to apply.

The programme offers to cover travel costs to and from the conference where funding circumstances allow, registration fee waiver and a pre-conference workshop. Except for the opportunity to network with stakeholders within their sector, the participants will acquire the latest within ICT in relation to their sector.

As soon as the participants have been chosen they will be asked to prepare for the conference by pointing out in what way ICT could enhance their business or how it is used in their business in case it is already applied. They should also find sessions in the programme prior to the conference that could be useful and of interest for their business. This would also be the time to develop aims specific to their business. They would also participate in a pre-conference workshop where they would get to know each other and prepare themselves for the conference by further sharing what workshops or sessions could be relevant for their business. Also, this would be an opportunity to network with potential partners.

After the conference, the participants will provide a post-conference report, with conclusions on how ICT could enhance their specific businesses and in their sectors.

To request an application form, please email application@easttrust.org. Application deadline: January 4, 2016.


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